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Crif Dogs

The Crif Dog is my marker for what is considered to be the pinnacle of the ultimate American hotdog. The beauty of the dog stands alone. Served in its surrounding of kitschy sub pop culture even the Ms. PacMan machine cannot distract from what the dawg is. The original Crif is a smoked pork frank which is deep fried to perfection, leaving the outside crispy and leading to that coveted snap in your mouth the moment your chompers hit this gift from the Lord of the Franks. Crif Dogs has extensive ways for you to dress the dog, however it is best left bald. While the dogs bring me back here, plenty is to be said of their tatortots … bringing you a full and hearty meat and potatoes meal. A nice accompaniment to these tots of plenty is the cheese sauce. This sauce does not pretend to come in the form of the melted down real thing. It's radioactive yellow and defines processed. Tangy and delicious, processed is the least of your worries if you are eating a hotdog.

Word to the digestively challenged:
Depending on the state of your stomach the cheese sauce will bring you much joy, however if you are known to any type of lactose intolerance it will stop you dead in your tracks but with a fantastic memory of the original indulgence.

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